Does the color of olive oil matter? Are green oils better than yellow oil? What color should a fresh olive oil be?
The color of olive oil has no bearing whatsoever to the quality or flavor of an Olive Oil. In fact, professional olive oil tasters use blue colored glasses to taste olive oil, so that they are not prejudiced by the color of the oil. The color of olive oil is a result of the variety of olives used in the oil. The arbequina olive oil usually has a goden hue, with a hint of green.

Is a filtered olive oil better than a non-filtered olive oil?
There is no right answer. It remains a personal preference, and the filtering process does not diminish the quality of an oil, nor does it enhance it. It simply makes an oil more transparent for bottling. Newly-pressed oil tends to be a little opalescent, from the slight emulsion of solids and olive juice that remain after the process of extracting oil. This opalescence usually settles on its own after a few months after pressing. At Mas Auró, we do not filter the olive oil. We prefer to leave it as untouched and unprocessed as possible.

How should I store my bottle of Oilve Oil so that it lasts fresher longer?
Olive oils, especially those pressed from the Arbequina Olive are very delicate. They tend to oxydize with ease when exposed to light, heat or air. The best way to extend the life of your olive oil is to store it in a dark cool place. Also, make sure that you keep the screw top tightly closed.

What does the expiry date actually mean? I did not know that Olive Oil expired. Why do different brands use different dates?
Wines may improve with time, but this is not the case with olive oil. When olive oil oxydizes with the passage of time, it develops off flavors, and at best, loses its freshness and intense fruity or herbal flavors.

For this reason, it is best to use your oiive oil when it is fresh. A good olive oil should last a year to a year and a half in perfectly good condition, when stored in a cool, dark place. After a year, it begins to lose its freshness. After a few years, it may have become so oxydized, it will taste terrible. And it will taste terrible long before it becomes hazardous to one's health.

Why are some olive oils sold in transparent bottles and other ones in dark bottles?
The best way to store an olive oil is in a dark bottle. Light and heat deteriorate the quality of an olive oil. With dark glass bottles, we are able to slow down the natural process of oxydation that occurs. On the other hand, a transparent bottle allows a buyer to appreciate the color of the olive oil. If you do purchase an olive oil in a transparent bottle, remember to store it away from the light.

Can I cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Yes. It is safe to cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil until 180°C, which is its smoking point. Having said that, it is not habitually used for cooking, as it is expensive, and much better enjoyed raw in salads, or where its flavor will be fully appreciated.